About Us

Who are Manasamitra?

Manasamitra is a Yorkshire based arts organisation with a commitment to exploring innovative ways of providing high quality experiences, using the age-old traditional arts of Indian music, dance, storytelling, crafts and visual arts, to engage, inspire and challenge communities locally, nationally and internationally.

The company has developed and delivered a strong artistic programme of high profile touring performances in theatres, festivals and galleries across the UK as well as working in non-traditional spaces including churches, parks and public spaces. Another element of the company work involves in delivering educational programmes like workshops and classes in schools throughout the region and beyond. In addition to the work above, the company has also established a strong track record of delivering community based activities designed to benefit the general public particularly in areas identified as requiring additional social support. All activities are targeted at and enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

Our company vision is:

Although Manasamitra is focused on Indian themes, our audience is incredibly far-reaching and diverse. Like the varied audiences who participate and enjoy the productions, Manasamitra wants to share information and exchange ideas with other art organisations and artists through social events in order to broaden the scope of its knowledge and experience. We believe our goals are as much about listening to others as it is about showing, telling and teaching.

What can be done?

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