Education and outreach programme

Welcome to our education section. Here you can find out about our experiences of teaching in schools, community centres and beyond. In the list below you can see what we are offering at the moment and in the 'past projects' (above in the navibar) what we have done before.

We hope this gives you an idea of what we can tailor for you and your needs, and hope to speak to you soon.

Event Image Event Information
education and outreach programme
Education and Outreach programme
Our education outline
Here you can read about our education and outreach objectives and experiences.
Yatra - Journey around India!
Yatra - Journey around India!
Yatra is our exciting new education package for schools. Journey around India from the Nagaland in the North to Kerla in the South and learn the stories, culture, art and crafts, history, geography and dont forget the dances!
Bombay Mix!
Spice up your lessons with some tasty Bombay Mix!
Here you get to pick and choose what you would like from our range of workshops to create your own unique experience!
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