Education and Outreach programme

education and outreach programme

Manasamitra's work involves delivering educational programme of workshops and classes in schools throughout the region and beyond. In addition to this work the company has also established a strong track record of delivering community based activities designed to benefit the general public particularly in areas identified as requiring additional social support. All activities are targeted at and enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnic and social backgrounds.

Each session is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client. We excel at integrating the aims and objectives of all key stages into our sessions, to meet the National Curriculum values of promoting pupil's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, as well as PLTS, SEN, NEET and the gifted and talented. The school and community workshops are designed in consultation with teachers or group leaders and are always innovative, educational and of the highest quality.

Our workshops revolve around yoga, the visual arts, dance and music of the classical, folk and Bollywood styles and include creative drama using mime techniques. We also provide attendees with a glimpse into the Indian lifestyle and culture in an interactive manner. Our storytelling and spoken word sessions are hugely rewarding creative experiences. We can provide either short sessions or longer term residencies. We regularly combine all three art forms (movement, visual arts and music) to further enrich the Indian experience, this three pronged approach also adds to attaining key stage skills.

Our visual art workshops regularly receive excellent feedback as we bring a fresh new look at traditional and unique arts and crafts from all regions from India. With projects like Yatra, India is your oyster and ready for you to explore the wide ranging crafts that are still part of the society today. Our visual art team uses material supplied directly from India and also sourced from the UK.

Our dance team regularly perform in their respective styles as well as conduct workshops and deliver on aims and objectives expressed, so we can confidently say that they can provide a worthwhile learning and fun experience for your participants. We hope that this gives you a fair idea of what we can offer. You are most welcome to look though our current and past projects and give us a call to see what we can create together.

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