Mother Nature’s Lullabies

Nature’s Soothing Lullaby


I spent all my summers and many winter and Easter holidays in Norway.

It’s a place with a lot of space,

A lot of stillness,


Especially in winter when the snow and ice covers everything and dulls any sound.

But, if you listen carefully,

On a winter’s day, you can hear nature singing.

A lake freezes over with ice so thick you can walk on it.

But deep down, below the ice, an air bubble rises to the top of the lake and bursts when it hits the hard surface.

This meeting of air bubble and ice sends a sound ringing out right across the frozen lake,

A kind of ‘boing’ noise,

A gentle noise.

Like a parent cooing at their baby.

Mother Nature singing her lullaby to us.

Norwegian’s are famously calm.

Is this why?

The space to be still and hear Mother Nature sing her ‘bubble and ice’ song?

Sometimes when I listen to Norwegian Jazz I can hear the air bubble hitting the ice when the double bass is plucked and says, ‘boing’.

Did that Jazz musician hear those sounds as a child in nature?

How deeply do the sounds we hear in our surroundings embed themselves in our brains, hearts, souls?

How many lullabies does Mother Nature have?


Elise Rohde

Project Assistant for Manasamitra and freelance writer.