The Bee Residency

Artistic Director Supriya Nagarajan has been invited to Kingsbrae gardens in New Brunswick, Canada for a month long residency exploring bees and composing new music. Kingsbrae Garden is a multi-award winning 27 acre horticultural masterpiece located in beautiful St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick.

The residency will see Supriya interacting with the bee keepers in the gardens and local area to study the behaviour of bees and use that, as well as the garden itself, as an inspiration to create new musical works. Supriya has been working on the subject of bees and has recently created a music and dance performance for 2-7 year olds titled “Life of a Bee” working alongside sound artist Duncan Chapman, Musician Jacqui Wickes and dancer Jyoti Manral

The residency will give her the opportunity to extend this work and also commence work on a new album that features experimental music inspired by Bees. Since Jan 2017 Supriya has also been working in India liaising with communities who undertake bee keeping as their livelihood and face innumerable hazards in doing that. The bee project was inspired by a news article that described an entire township in China that hand pollinate their crops on account of dwindling bee population.

Supriya wishes to educate families on the perils of falling bee populations through music and design.