THE SINGING BOWL – rhythm cultures, soundscape and live show

Photo: Duncan Lomax

Manasamitra has been successful in securing support from the PRS for Music Foundation. The Women Make Music programme exists to redress the imbalance of female music makers in the sector. It works with women working in any genre of music with an innovative creative inquiry.
The project supported is The Singing Bowl, which is about the musical relationship between parent and child. It’s inspired by lullabies from many cultures researched with communities across Yorkshire. The words, sounds, rhymes and themes sourced form the basis of a soundtrack. The project will culminate with the creation of an immersive audio installation and complementary live music performance. Sound artist Duncan Chapman is one of the key collaborators on the project.

We’re working with Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival  and we will be presenting the work together locally. Performance and installation dates to be released soon.

Manasamitra gratefully acknowledges financial support from PRS for Music Foundation’s Women Make Music programme.

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