Mirror Images - Lost Good and Proper

Mirror Images

This was presented as part of the MOVES festival in the Wakefield Royal Theatre. 

This was an invitation to the twilight junction where the paths of performance storytelling, classical Indian dance and British contemporary dance, Carnatic music, modern music and cutting-edge photography met to create a dark and humorous urban fairytale about getting lost in a neon-clad city.

It featured storyteller Peter Findlay as an unreliable narrator with breath-taking dance sequences from Shobhitha Yeluri, Ryan Fevier and Shrikant Subramaniam. Music by Supriya Nagarajan, Vijay Venkat and Venkatesh Srinivasan Chandisekaran and photography from Kamaljeet Ajimal.


Performance Date / Time / Type
Wednesday 22nd June 2011 - 7:30pm -
Contemporary and traditional dance theatre
Performance Venue Details
Wakefield Royal Theatre, Wakefield
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