Festival Of Conversations

The very exciting Festival of Conversations is a pilot project exploring the power of words and simple conversations between diverse communities. It is intended as a series of conversations that focus on subjects and challenges that unite us, emphasising the similarities between communities rather than the differences.

The festival is a direct response to the current social environment that necessitates discussion, debate and conversations in the community .As part of the festival we are devising a sound installation that captures sound bites from the conversations held in the community and combine this with field recordings from around Dewsbury town. The festival will culminate in a sharing event at the Dewsbury Minster where the sound installation will be launched for the local communities to experience and enjoy.

From early May 2017 until late October 2017, Supriya Nagarajan, the Artistic Director of Manasamitra, will work with the communities to develop and lead a series of creative workshops that will lead to the Festival of Conversations involving the community groups and for families, friends and members of the wider community. Manasamitra and Supriya have been involved in the community for the last two years and have seen the impact of such work in the local area. Working with international sound artist Duncan Chapman, Supriya will create the platform for the designated communities to meet, socialise and exchange stories which will then be recorded and compiled into a soundscape.