Manasamitra is an artist-led organisation based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, delivering a range of exciting and original cross-cultural experiences. Our work is rooted in the creative vision of Supriya Nagarajan, a classically-trained Carnatic singer who is inspired by not only the traditions of her South Asian roots but also by a drive to work with new ideas, forms and aesthetics from across the world, presented within a contemporary British context.

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Dates for performances, events and activities

4 Mar '22Tusk FestivalLit & Phil Newcastle, Newcastle
19 Feb '22 / 2pmMapping the MusicThe Hepworth Wakefield, Wakefield
10 Mar '22 / 12pmTunes & Talk: HebbleDewsbury Minster, Dewsbury
27 Mar '22 / 8pmSlowly DriftingCafe Oto, London
12 May '22 / 12pmTunes & Talk: Stiofán Ó TreabhairDewsbury Minster, Dewsbury
21 May '22 / 4pmLullabyCasa Da Música, Porto
9 June '22 / 12pmTunes & Talk: Satnam Galsian and John HoggDewsbury Minster, Dewsbury
12 June '22 / 12pmTunes & Talk: Maddie Morris and Lillian GraceDewsbury Minster, Dewsbury
28-31 July '22Lullaby: Sonic Cradle at WOMAD '22Charlton Park, Malmesbury
22 Jul '22 / 10am & 1pmCircle of Songs (Session 1)Dewsbury Minister, Dewsbury
23 Jul '22 / 10am & 1pmCircle of Songs (Session 2)Dewsbury Library, Dewsbury
25 Jul '22 / 10am & 1pmCircle of Songs (Session 3)Dewsbury Minster, Dewsbury
29 Jul '22 / 10am & 1pmCircle of Songs (Session 4)Dewsbury Minster, Dewsbury
8 Sep '22 / 12pmTunes & Talk: September 2022 — Matías ReedDewsbury Minster, Dewsbury
2 Dec '22 / 7:30pmMeltwaterDewsbury Town Hall, Dewsbury
7 Dec '22 / 7pmMeltwaterDewsbury Minster, Dewsbury

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Photo: Duncan Lomax
Photo: Duncan Lomax

The Sound of Tea

Manasamitra is excited and delighted to bring you The Sound of Tea –a show about our relationship with TEA.

After a year of working remotely and in digital format, we can present, live, new music and performance art mixed with visuals and soundscapes, participatory tea rituals and technology-filled tables with touch-screens for audience members to interact with the performance in real time.

Lullaby — Sonic Cradle

Lullaby – Sonic Cradle is an immersive music performance for family audiences and adults alike.

Dusk Notes

Inspired by the sounds of nature at dusk Manasamitra has created and recorded a suite of new music.

Slumber Stories

Stories from around the world swirl together with music to create the background to a restful and meditative bedtime story ritual.


A brand new ensemble that merges cultures, stretches musical boundaries and creates a space where new ideas can emerge from a place of friendship and the unmitigated joy of playing music that is un-scripted. 

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