Manasamitra is constantly developing ideas, themes and projects and is busy with a number of different activities at any moment in time.  These projects originate from a variety of people, places and experiences; some from Artistic Director Supriya Nagarajan’s own life journey (Lullaby); some as a response to external events (Festival of Conversations) and some at the request of other people. 

We have divided our work into three areas – although those areas do sometimes overlap.  Lullaby, for instance, began as a Manasamitra project but is now commissioned on a regular basis and is delivered in many different forms with varying numbers of musicians and artists.  Do look through our work below to see the cornucopia of activities and delights.


We have defined ‘projects’ as events, performances and activities that have originated at Manasamitra.  These have often been supported by a range of fundraising activities and we are eternally grateful for the ongoing support of Arts Council England and the Performing Rights Society Fund, who have provided much of the ‘seed’ funding for many of our works. 

Slumber Stories

Stories from around the world swirl together with music to create the background to a restful and meditative bedtime story ritual.


The Lullaby adventure that began with Lullaby – the Singing Bowl, has had several variations in different countries with different artists. Each time the Lullaby story is subtly altered by the interpretations of the wider variety of musicians from across the world.

Dusk Notes

Inspired by the sounds of nature at dusk Manasamitra has created and recorded a suite of new music.

Photo: Duncan Lomax
Photo: Duncan Lomax

The Sound of Tea

Manasamitra is excited and delighted to bring you The Sound of Tea –a show about our relationship with TEA.

Women Composer Mentoring Project

Supriya Nagarajan will support the creative development of South Asian women composers to create new cross-genre fusion work for performance.

The Dewsbury ‘Not-The-Fringe’ Festival

Manasamitra called out for local / regional artists who could present work in a digital format, and have programmed a series of exciting and innovative events.

Bollywood Jazz

An amazing new Indo-Jazz music fusion, inspired by the songs and instrumental music of Bollywood films, is riotously unique.

Canopy of Voices

Canopy of Voices was the world premiere of Composer Supriya Nagarajan’s Pleiades Ne Maia, presented alongside a performance by local choirs.

 Festival of Conversations

Manasamitra is excited to be developing the Festival of Conversations for Kirklees 2023. 

The Festival will connect with different community groups, leading conversation sessions to discover what is interesting, exciting, infuriating or amusing to the local people and to hear their stories. 

Life of Bee

An early-years musical theatre piece exploring how best to engage young audiences by creating unique theatrical play events.


Inspired by Shiva, the Indian god called on to restore balance to a self-destructive world, Shivoham is a semi-structured improvisation work.


Stories from around the world swirl together with music to create the background to a restful and meditative bedtime story ritual.

Manasamitra is not a ‘funded organisation’ so we are constantly working to raise money to support our projects. We would be enormously grateful if you would consider supporting us – click here to see how you can help.


We have listed as ‘commissions’ those pieces of work that we have been asked to create by other organisations.  Sometimes we are commissioned to deliver work that began as a Manasamitra project – we have not included those here unless there is a marked variation.

Mapping The Music

Mapping the Music is a  sonic exploration of the sculptural work of Barbara Hepworth by composer and director Supriya Nagarajan.

Hidden Women Of The Ramayana

This commission by the Greater Manchester Diwali celebrated four hidden women from the Indian epic Ramayana. 

Winter Solstice

On the shortest day of 2021, the beautiful Howard Assembly rooms resounded with the first public performance of Dusk Notes

Talking Textiles

Stories from around the world swirl together with music to create the background to a restful and meditative bedtime story ritual.


Stories from around the world swirl together with music to create the background to a restful and meditative bedtime story ritual.

Just Enough Madness

This dance based project examines taboos and barriers surrounding mental illness through the South Indian dance style of Kuchipudi

Frangipani Nights

Frangipani Nights; a performance of Carnatic and electronic music on the front lawn of the Diggi Palace at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

Seeking The Aether

Seeking the Aether is a brand new collaborative project exploring the elements that make up our natural environment

Evensong – York Minster

Supriya Nagarajan’s commissioned work for York Minster created a unique fusion of Carnatic song with traditional English choral harmonies

Other Work

Many of Manasamitra’s activities are completed with performances but occasionally they result in an installation, which sometimes forms a part of the performance and other times it’s a ‘stand alone’ event. 

The Singing Bowl Installation

The Singing bowl is a music installation that works with lullabies and similar sounds from across the world.

Corporate Activities

As a result of the impact on people and organisations following the COVID-19 pandemic, Manasamitra considered the benefits of some of our activities in a corporate setting.  Many of our activities could be re-worked to deliver well-being, team-building and mindfulness activities that will help to re-connect people with their work colleagues in a ‘real space’, acclimatising them to the once-familiar and enabling the adjustment to any post-pandemic changes that might have become permanent.

Our first show that has been re-worked for the corporate market is The Sound of Tea, read more about this