The Sound of Tea is an immersive, mindful experience for the corporate workplace.

Teams have been physically separated for many months as a result of the pandemic and as we return to workspaces and new ways of working, it is vital that teams are able reconnect and rebuild.

Not only has the time apart altered the dynamic of many groups, but there may also be new staff members or elements of restructuring that could benefit from shared experiences.

Team building is a vital part of any workplace, helping to bolster productivity and boost morale.

After the turmoil of the last year, a focus on wellbeing is needed to help individuals readjust to group situations and make a smooth return to the workplace.

What is The Sound of Tea?

The Sound of Tea was created by our founder and artistic director Supriya Nagarajan.

The Sound of Tea began as an immersive, multi-sensory celebration of the tradition of tea through the ages. Incorporating musical performance and digital technology, The Sound of Tea was originally intended for the stage, with a nationwide tour planned before the pandemic took hold.

It has since been transformed into an interactive team experience that can bring bonding, wellness and connections to the corporate workplace.

Background information

The Sound of Tea was inspired by Supriya’s Indian heritage and a particular visit to a tea plantation in Darjeeling.

Drawing on her own experience of synaesthesia, Supriya began to explore the interplay between sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch in the context of a traditional tea ceremony, with support from expert tea consultants, performers and academics.

This led to the epiphany that a project incorporating wellness, mindfulness and relaxation would be incredibly beneficial to the corporate sector. Engaging with a group of musicians provides a unique experiential training opportunity that is qualitatively different from the ‘usual’ corporate training packages on offer.

Who should attend/book a corporate day?

As businesses recover from the impact of the pandemic, The Sound of Tea provides a mindful, immersive and restful experience for teams to re-establish the bonds of communal experience and reconnect with colleagues.

It provides opportunities to slow down, allowing time for both conscious and unconscious reflection, impacting on:

  • Accessing creativity and innovation in the subconscious by stimulating different senses simultaneously
  • Unconscious bias in working practices by gently connecting all areas of the brain
  • Diversity in the workplace through learning about our tea history

For the corporate sector, The Sound of Tea will provide a unique experience for employers to encourage their staff to return to the workplace. It will provide opportunities for relaxed group activity in a stress-free environment with benefits to both the individual and the company in a restful, wellbeing-focussed team bonding experience.

Pricing and packages

  • Standard – £3,000 – workshops for up to 20 people who will engage with a bespoke workshop experience plus a 30-minute performance with four artists.
  • Deluxe – £5,000 – workshops for up to 40 people who will engage with a bespoke workshop experience plus the full one-hour performance with the full company, the complete tea ceremony and participatory tea-tasting.
  • Bespoke – individually priced – specially-devised programme of activity to suit your specific needs. Pricing and options on request.

Contact and booking

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