Manasamitra’s Festival of Conversations presents Duncan Chapman’s SOUND WALKS at Dewsbury Town Hall, Town Hall Way WF12 8DG on Saturday 17th February as a part of the WOVEN’s STRUT 2 event. Our short guided tours around Dewsbury town centre encourage you to see the town in a new way. Each walk concentrates on a different aspect of the town.

The walks are free to attend. Just turn up on the day the Victoria Hall, Dewsbury Town Hall.

Walk start times


The LOOKING UP walk. Take a journey from the Town Hall through the Market looking up at the skylines.


The ARTWORKS walk. Join us to see the newly commissioned artworks in the town centre.


The HERITAGE walk. A trip down memory lane that takes you round some of the old buildings, where you can stand outside and imagine what might have been.

The walks were developed with Sam Hodgson as part of a Beam commission and are available online.

Festival of Conversations is funded by Taking the Lead, which is a Dewsbury Town Investment Plan project funded by through the Town Fund and aims to support a vibrant cultural community in Dewsbury and surrounding areas using a programme of events, skills development and participatory opportunities across music, textiles, visual arts and performance. Exploring heritage, community, culture and beyond with people living, working and studying in Dewsbury as they plan for the future together.

Check the Woven website for more info