Supriya Nagarajan takes a role in the amazing production of HERD, a life-affirming musical devised by composer Orlando Gough and produced by Artichoke. HERD will take place around Kirklees during July 2023 as part of Kirklees Year of Music and is a ground-breaking collaboration between artists, musicians and hundreds of schoolchildren and community members.

This musical and sculptural odyssey of epic proportions will involve a community of makers, hundreds of local schoolchildren and many hundreds more members of music groups including brass bands, bleatboxing, choral groups, boliyaan music, and many other musicians.

Over six magical days from 11 – 16 July 2023, 23 larger-than-life sheep, unlike any you’ve ever seen or heard, will appear in surprising places across the beautiful Kirklees countryside. Designed by Huddersfield-based artist Dave Young, working with heritage craft practitioners, each sheep sculpture has its own unique identity. Wired for sound, these musical sheep sculptures sing original compositions into the landscape, moving from the rural boundaries of Kirklees as they are herded towards town and city.

The epic finale will be in Huddersfield’s St George’s Square on Sunday 16 July for an immersive day of sound and music. Positioned around the square and loaded with speakers, the sheep sculptures will effectively create a surround-sound environment that the audience can hear from wherever they stand.