Join us for a wonderful, uplifting and funny evening of conversation, laughter and literature. Manasamitra is overjoyed to welcome Jay Courtney, as our second Festival of Conversations event, to read from her new book Juicy Crones and lead a conversation about the joys and challenges of being an older woman.

Honest, moving and funny, Juicy Crones is a celebration of women in later life, offering an uplifting roadmap for the quest to find new meaning, truth and purpose and redefining what it means to be an older woman.

The average woman will live 30 years after menopause, you can have lots of fun in that time!”

Venue: Dewsbury Town Hall
Date: Friday 9 June
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: £5 each or £7.50 for two + BF / Book Online
Telephone: 01484 225755 Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm

About Jay Courtney

When Jay Courtney retired from her role as lead for Children’s Health and Wellbeing for Gloucestershire (Education), she did not expect to find her world so ‘beige’, nor did she anticipate the ageism and sexism she encountered.

After winning the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Just Back’ travel writing competition for her account of a solo trip to the Faroe Islands, Jay set out on a personal quest to answer existential questions about who she was as an older woman. She turned to those in the know – women who were also exploring these big questions and had found unique answers.

Thumbing her nose at the notion that post-menopausal women are ‘dried up and past their best’, in Juicy Crones Jay shares her own journey of struggle and enlightenment alongside twelve inspiring yet relatable women who, after overcoming major life challenges, have embraced their cronehood with gusto. Some of their unique paths have led literally to new destinations – opening a campsite in rural Hungary, hiking the caminos of Europe, scuba diving in Mexico, organising walking holidays for women and exploring Italy as a travel writer. Others have found those new places within themselves, connecting to music, art and nature – building physical strength or attending to spiritual growth, even flying planes! From bold leaps of faith to realising dreams, these are all stories of risk, adventure, laughter, loss and love – and, ultimately, of acceptance.

Artistic Director and CEO of Manasamitra is one of the twelve women celebrated in the book so this event has a special significance for us.