Just Enough Madness is a dance theatre production conceived by dancer Payal Ramchandani and delivered in partnership with composer/singer Supriya Nagarajan

One out of four people suffer from mental health problems. 300,000 people in the UK, with long term mental health problems lose their jobs every year. ‘Just enough madness’ takes audiences through the wondrous journey of the mind, unravelling its complexity in the context of Hindu mythology and the present day.

The dance acts as a bridge between western classical music traditions and Carnatic music to bring forth the theatricality and lucidity of Kuchipudi, thereby serving diverse audiences. The music, sounds and structures coming from this confluence will bring the best of both musical worlds together to highlight the barriers in the arena of mental health.

This dance-theatre production also features composer Hari Bhaskar, sound artist Duncan Chapman and percussionist Prathap Ramachandra.

This production is in partnership with Manasamitra and has been funded by the Arts Council, England and is supported by Dance City, GemArts, Kalasangam.