TERRARIUM began its creative life with a tragedy – the loss of a life in an Indian flood.  The seeds grew with the floods in Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and other areas of Yorkshire and finally flowered with news of droughts and wild fires.  The common link was water; the basic essential of life – human beings are 94% water – but as an environmental disruptor too much or too little creates major upheaval for communities, economies and societies.  

The TERRARIUM project will engage with communities in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and India, eliciting their stories about their lived experience of flood and/or drought, local folk tales and songs about water.  The project will mark each community on a digital map so that the universality of the challenge and the experiences of ordinary people can be recorded and shared.

 Using natural sounds, songs, folklore and life experiences collected from Asian & other communities in Dewsbury and India, a performance event will be created as part of Kirklees 2023.  

The result will be MELTWATER; an immersive a 60-minute music and performance event focussing on ‘water’ as an environmental disruptor. The performance will include vocals, acoustic and electronic music, creating a unique experience that highlights both the destructive power and the awesome beauty of water. 

MELTWATER will be performed on Friday 2 December at Dewsbury Town all and Wednesday 7 December at Dewsbury Minster. 


Friday 2 December / 7:30pm
Dewsbury Town Hall, Wakefield Old Road, Dewsbury WF12 8DG
Tickets: £15 / £12
Telephone: 01484 225755
Online: https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/town-halls/box-office-information.aspx
E-mail: townhall.tickets@Kirklees.gov.uk

Wednesday 7 December / 7pm
Dewsbury Minster, Vicarage Road, Dewsbury WF12 8DD
Tickets: pay what you can
No advance booking

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