Artist and researcher Henry McPherson leads an online workshop introducing Free Improvisation at home. Participants of any experience are invited to explore the relationship between sound, voice, body, and space, in this virtual gathering. A series of exercises will bring the group into a shared space of sonic and bodily exploration.

Intended workshop audience

For adults. Those with prior experience improvising are very welcome, but the content will also be accessible to beginners. All bodies, voices, minds welcome.

Workshop limited to 15 participants

Workshop Content

– Total length 1 1/2 hours (with access break in the middle)

  • Opening chat, centreing and discussion of consent and boundaries.
  • Initial group exercise (TBD)
  • Invitation for individual exercise @ home
  • Brief chat + Group exercise 2
  • Access break
  • Smaller group open improvisation
  • Big group improvisation (if time, potential to record “performance” if all participants consenting, but this isn’t strictly necessary)
  • Closing comments