Music has ever been my passion close to my heart ever since my childhood days. At the age of four I was initiated into Indian Classical (Carnatic) music under the able patronage and guidance of Mrs. Ramlakshmi, a renowned musician and tutor in central Kerala. I was fortunate to continue my music classes even during my college days which offered immense opportunities to showcase my music talents. Along with nurturing my traits in vocal music, I could expand my music horizon into field of composing and music production.

Ive composed music for music albums and films. Ive been part of an Indian Band “Tarang” and have performed on various venues in India. The interest on modern music and the emerging new technologies in music inspired me and I worked as Mixing and mastering engineer in India for 1 year and the urge to learn more in this field drives me to take up the course in (BSc.) Music Production and Sound Engineering at the University of Huddersfield.

Currently working on a dream project with Mark Mynett, renowned music producer and Senior lecturer at the University of Huddersfield.