Of Silk and spun dreams.

For this edition of the WOVEN festival, Manasamitra weave a series of talks around the graceful and multi-dimensional garment – the SARI. Now gaining a revival among the second generation diaspora around the world, the SARI is a swirling 6 yards of material that can be draped in at least 85 different ways. Through these SARI talks, we see the various roles played by the Sari in our lives – a beautiful garment, heirloom full of memories and even a salve for the mind.

Supriya Nagarajan, a fervent sari advocate talks to a range of artists, curators and fabric specialists who provide interesting perspectives on the important role played by the

SARI in today’s world. Speakers include Uthra Rajgopal, Dr Chamu Kuppuswamy and Rosey Whitehead who bring unique and special insights to the discussions.

In addition do look out for the specially commissioned piece of music that will capture the micro-notes of silk and other fabrics in a minimal, experimental manner.