Maddie Morris, winner of the BBC Radio 2 young folk award 2019 and Lilian Grace Recipient of the 2017 Bernard Davey award are a folk duo from Yorkshire. Their current project “The Sticky Monsters” Is influenced by the artwork of Swedish artist John Kenn, and their compositions surround childhood, poverty, and more general reflections on our culture and the idea of ‘fear’. 

In their duo ‘Death and the Daughter’, Maddie and Lilian create opportunities for audiences to reflect on their own lives and traditions. Lilian Grace specialises in unaccompanied traditional English folk song. Her songs are full of haunting vocals and rich harmonies, augmented by her minimalist use of concertina, and Maddie Morris uses powerful, poetic and insightful storytelling and folksong to tackle issues of social inequality. 

The two have been described as “Thought-provoking, challenging and incredibly haunting.”

Maddie Morris on Instagram / Lillian Grace Website

Thursday 12 July / 12pm / Dewsbury Minster, Dewsbury